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Introduction/ Mission Statement/ Policies/ Our People/ Values & Principles

It is a strategic priority of Estoril Navigation Ltd to recruit competent individuals and to ensure their constant training and development at all levels, both on land and at sea,

in order for them to have a strong competitive edge and be well equipped to fully understand the market in which they operate. The target is to achieve and maintain at all times the highest possible professional excellence and to create a high quality workforce.

For this reason we have over the years attracted some of the most creative and efficient executives and key shore-based and seagoing personnel. Through an integrated system of effective interdepartmental communication and cooperation the employees have been able to build up the team spirit necessary to undertake complicated projects, to handle and solve intricate problems, to promote safety and to improve operational efficiency.

Most of importance is that all employees, both ashore and on board the vessels are not only fully aware of company's mission and vision, but company's vision and mission, targets and goals have become the vision and mission of each employee.

Safety is a part of our philosophy. Therefore, our whole structure is under strict safety regulations. Furthermore, we escalate the awareness of our employees for prudent and judicious action by providing regular training courses. These high safety standards not only motivate our employees but also strengthen the confidence of our associates in our company.

Having placed safety as first priority for the well-being of all employees it becomes apparent that all our efforts in response to our principles and commitments is to safeguard the best working environment for both direct and indirect employees.

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